The Modern Classics has become a rite of spring for Pennsylvania’s motorcycling enthusiasts.

For years I harbored the idea of a classic motorcycle show but it took the convergence of many factors for the first Modern Classics Show to become reality in March of 2011. The purchase of our 20,000 sq. ft. facility made an indoor show of 100 bikes physically possible, but the real catalyst was the creative volunteer planning committee composed of my enthusiast friends and led by the show’s first director Kevin Hyde. Throughout the fall and winter months of 2010-2011 that group brainstormed the concept and fleshed out the idea of a “Museum for a Day.” The end result was a carefully curated group of 100 motorcycles from the industry’s “Glory Years” of the 1960s through the 1990s that held special appeal for Boomers like myself. We wanted each motorcycle’s story to be shared with signage. We wanted to stage an indoor show at the leading edge of the riding season (since hosting requires that we close our dealership for 2 days!) There would be no judging save for public voting of the favorites. Most of all, we aspired to create a casual atmosphere that allowed enthusiasts and presenters to co-mingle and share their motorcycling stories. That simple model survives to this day.  

Thankfully, all these things came together splendidly and the show was a hit from the moment we opened the doors. Presenters stepped up by nominating an increasingly amazing selection of bikes. In addition to marvelous machines, local collectors anted up classic moto memorabilia and vintage motorsports art. Renowned artist Makoto Endo created moto-masterpieces in real time to add an artistic flair to the event. We have been fortunate to present an incredible array of bikes from board trackers and priceless rarities to “the bikes you grew up on”. In recent years the show has been further enhanced by the addition of the extremely popular Friday evening “Kickstart Party”. Today, moving into our tenth year, the show planning committee has taken the show to another level and every year yields fresh crop of fascinating machinery to study and discuss.

All of these factors and people and effort allow us to come together the first weekend of every March to celebrate the history of motorcycling in a unique setting. I sincerely hope you will be able to join us for our Tenth Annual Modern Classics Show in March, 2020. !

Dennis Martin


Martin Motorsports Inc.